Training is offered in a INFINITY COMMANDER 912 100 Horsepower.We have chosen the Infinity because we feel it's at the very top in workmanship, stability in the air and they are just tough units. We feel that Alvie wall has designed the best of the best.

Infinity Airsports is based at Pace Aviation in Ridgeway Va. VA02. A 3000 ft grass runway and a airconditioned FBO with drinks, snacks, & seating for you and anyone who may accompany you. Pilots flying in we also offer 100LL and hangers if staying over night.


$150.00 hr. for the first hour of everyday.

$100.00 hr for every hr after that for the same day.

Example: If you show up in the morning and we fly 2 hr. thats $250.00. You come back that evening and fly 2 hr thats $200.00. The next day it's starts over at the same rate.

Ground School is $25.00 hr. Time of training varies from student to student as some pilots learn faster or slower that others.

Discovery Flights: $100.00 hr.
In this flight you will have your choice of front seat as pilot in command and will get to do all the flying once your instructor has gotten to a desired altitude. You will get the feel of the controls in actual flight to experience the freedom of flying in a powered parachute, or you may choose the backseat and sit back and relax and decide if flying is for you.

Flight Review: $175.00

Profiency Exam: $300.00

Flying Experience & Proficiency: In order to qualify for a sport pilot license, you must have a certain level of flying experience. In the Federal Aviation Regulations, §61.313g, the FAA requires that In order for you to be able to apply for a sport pilot license in powered parachutes you must:

• Log at least 12 hours of flight time In a powered parachute
• Including at least 10 hours dual flight training
• Including at least 2 hours of solo flight training.
• Including at least 1 hour of cross-country dual flight training
• Including at least 3 hours of dual flight training preparing for the practical test within
60 days before the date of the practical test

• Log at least 20 takeoffs and landings to a full stop in a powered parachute
• Including at least 10 solo takeoffs and landing to a full stop in a powered parachute

• Log at least one solo flight with a landing at a different airport and one segment of the flight consisting of a straight-line distance of at least 10 nautical miles between takeoff and landing locations

During this flying, we aren’t just boring holes in the sky; we are covering critical information that you will need to demonstrate during your practical test, otherwise known as the “check ride”, The areas we will be.


1. Flight Training & Ground School

2. Discovery Flights

3. FBO with drinks, snacks, & seating

4. 100LL and Hangers space

5. Hanger flying with other local pilots. This is a big favorite among pilots and spectators